Our Printing Options

We print all our own designs onto garments on-demand, using a printing process called dye sublimation, in which the image is dyed directly onto the garment. 

We do offer other types of printing for custom orders. Click here for more info on our vinyl printing on sportswear.

Sublimation printing gives athletes a comfortable advantage, allowing fabric to stay breathable, maintaining moisture-wicking properties; unlike other printing methods (such as transfers and screen printing) that block heat and moisture where the print is, creating uncomfortable, itchy areas against the skin.      

Why sublimation printing?

There are a number of reasons we use sublimation printing for our sportswear:
  • Full colour, high definition prints
  • No feel of print against the skin
  • Print does not affect the the technical qualities of fabric
  • Lasting finish that won’t crack or peel off
  • Colours that won’t fade after washing

What do sublimation prints look like?

Sublimation printing produces full colour, high definition prints that really stand out. We love to print on white garments as the colours in the prints will be the most vivid and accurate. 

In response to customer demand, we now print on other coloured garments, which can create a slightly muted, retro feel (please see images below). This look is created during the dying process, as the original colour of the fabric can affect the colour of the print - in the same way that using coloured inks on coloured paper will affect the colour produced. Therefore lighter coloured fabrics work best for sublimation printing. It’s also important to note that sublimation printers do not print in white ink, so any areas of white on a design will become the colour of the garment. Please see the examples below.

Sublimation coloured fabric examples

A little more info...

There are a number of advantages of printing sportswear using sublimation printing: 
  • It works best on synthetic fabrics, so we can use high quality, technical polyester.
  • The dye in the print binds directly to the fabric fibres. This means you cannot feel the print against the skin and the technical abilities of the fabric are not affected (such as breathability and moisture-wicking). This makes our sportswear really comfy and functional for exercise. This is different to most printing techniques that print the images 'on top' of the fabric making it heavier and scratchy against your skin. 
  • As the design is permanently dyed into the fibres it will not fade, crack or wash-out. 
  • The designs can be in full-colour and photo-quality.

If you want more information on sublimation printing, the other printing options we offer, or questions about printing on coloured garments, we would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected]ee.co.uk or use our contact us page.

We make every effort to ensure each product is printed to a high standard. However, please be aware that due to the production process prints can sometimes have a slight imprint around them. This does not affect the quality of the print. Please get in touch if you have any questions.